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Peter Townend- Soul Arch

Peter Townend- Soul Arch

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5 on the Nose

5 on the Nose

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book cover design

Murdoch Books and Dymocks  are in search of an Illustrator to create a new cover for   the best selling book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

Time has just allowed me to do a computer generated design,  if time wasn’t against me I would’ve love to  combine  traditional medium and computer .

I was keen to watch the movie, having heard great reviews.  I’m into  thriller  revenge movies so I really enjoyed this one, a bit on the gory side and a bit too much blood  but, never the less an edge of seat crime fiction.

The brief- design a cover without using any of the elements of the current cover design, which was girl- dragon- tattoo . Didn’t follow the brief too well but it was good practice

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Arts in Bushwick, N.Y.

This link was sent to me by Shona Masarin who was one  of the  talented artist  featured in the short film and video division in the The annual Arts in Bushwick festival in  Brooklyn, NY. The festival was supported by Lumenhouse.

Lumenhouse is an emerging arts organization based out of a refurbished factory in the burgeoning creative scene of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

These are images  and links of some of the artist featured in the festival which excited and inspired  me

Aurora Robson’s sculptures are  made from junk                                                                                           

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Add a touch of nature to your page with these hungry little fish.  Watch them as they follow your mouse hoping you will feed them by clicking the surface of the water.

via Fish.

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VOTE for the naughty bunnies and the skeletor hands

The Graphic Design students were to enter a ‘design a condom tin competition’ for  the Aust govt health campaign . We’v done that , now it’s time for the public to vote             VOTE  for the “rabbits” and” In the name of love”  PLEASE….pretty please,                         Thank you for your support.                                                       //

naughty rabbits

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Black, Red or Brunette ??..sorry blondes

Another school assignment. The brief is to design a cover for Oz Graphix digital magazine, an annual publication showcasing a range of creativity from top Australian studios.As a colour assignment  we had to design 3 colour ways of the final design.

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Festival’s reel-time experiment

Extract from The Age Newspapaer..Entertainment.

“Some come close to pure abstraction – from the grey-scale grids of Simon Payne’s 3D-on-a-budget Point Line Plane, to the uninhibited play with colour, light and texture in Shona Masarin’s Behind My Mouth, Beneath My Lips, on My Eyes, where scratched fragments of material drift by like off-cuts from a dressmaker’s workshop.”

Shona Masarin is currently the Assistant Director of Milleniumm in New York.  The organisation  is dedicated to the exhibition, study,  and production of independent and avant-garde film, video and new media, including all technologies of the moving image.

Posted by: ritamasarin | April 29, 2010

– No live models + bits of body parts =

“What is the most challenging subject to paint” is the most asked question from clients, friends or people who are just interested. No doubt the human form would be one of the challenging subjects and the most difficult but most rewarding.

As a self taught  artist, my judgment and perception is all by eye, a lot of my time is spent deliberating and mulling over a part of anatomy..anyone would think I was slightly excessive compulsive ..well maybe, I am, but just when I’m painting.

There are no live models . I have a vision of  the composition in my head , do a quick thumbnail sketch then I go through my  stock pile of reference to which I select bits of body parts appropriate to the piece.

I’ll be starting a new nude piece in the very near future,  probably on my next school break. Anyone interested in following my progess or get some painting tips, keep checking my blog.

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