Posted by: ritamasarin | April 29, 2010

– No live models + bits of body parts =

“What is the most challenging subject to paint” is the most asked question from clients, friends or people who are just interested. No doubt the human form would be one of the challenging subjects and the most difficult but most rewarding.

As a self taught  artist, my judgment and perception is all by eye, a lot of my time is spent deliberating and mulling over a part of anatomy..anyone would think I was slightly excessive compulsive ..well maybe, I am, but just when I’m painting.

There are no live models . I have a vision of  the composition in my head , do a quick thumbnail sketch then I go through my  stock pile of reference to which I select bits of body parts appropriate to the piece.

I’ll be starting a new nude piece in the very near future,  probably on my next school break. Anyone interested in following my progess or get some painting tips, keep checking my blog.


  1. Your images using an outline of the figure, with an expressive face, partially hidden within an environment of moody red and blues, really have impact.

  2. Are these your paintings Rita? They’re really lovely.

    • Thanks Dominique. The 2 red nude pieces are hanging in a gentleman’s club in Cairns and the other two were sold in an exhibition.

  3. I’m with Sue on this one! I really love the top two images! You have a talent with this Rita!

    • thanks Chris, I just want a little of my time back so I can start painting again

  4. You are very talented Rita. You really know how to paint water. I absolutely love your banner painting too. It looks like a photo.

    • thanks Feona. I look forward to the end of the course( as much as I enjoy it) so I can paint again.

    • Thanks heaps Feona, actually I started surfing nine years ago and that was the inspiration for me to start painting. All my earlier works were of the ocean ,beach and surf.
      I’m looking forward to seeing some of your creations.

  5. Rita your as “HOT ” as your paintings, really…
    I love the forth one the way you’ve intertwined the water with the lovers, the colour palette is stunning rich aquamarines, emeralds, sapphires.

  6. hello Crazy Lady loving the recipes ❤
    goodbye from another Crazy Lady xo

  7. hey crazy Lady love this piece every day ❤

    • Yourrr specccial!!. looking forward for my time back where I’m not buried in books paper and home work….. to paint

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