Posted by: ritamasarin | May 6, 2010

Black, Red or Brunette ??..sorry blondes

Another school assignment. The brief is to design a cover for Oz Graphix digital magazine, an annual publication showcasing a range of creativity from top Australian studios.As a colour assignment  we had to design 3 colour ways of the final design.


  1. well blondes are suppose to be more fun, but these are all are very enjoyable.
    for some reason whether its through my subconscious and how the psychology of my mind works with colour I am drawn towards the black one, the green in her eye shade draws my eye and then the boldness of her hair and the beautiful background draws my eyes around the rest of the design. Stylish work!

  2. The shades of red, orange and yellow in the red-head are alluring and striking, but I’m most attracted to the mix of brown hair with green background and eye shadow-it has a strange calming effect on me! nice work!

  3. The red head is gorgeous, firey!

  4. Hi Rita, I am loving the blue background with the darkest hair. Very striking.

  5. When you presented the images in class, the redhead really took centre stage. But now, my eye is going straight to the black hair. Let’s face it, judging from the previous comments, they’re all eye-catching.

  6. wow Rita your work is incredibLe !! loving it aLLLLL!

    • hey taanngs sissy. I’ll post more soon. luv and miss u

  7. Ohh Rita I really love these images that you created definately the black haired lady she looks great against the blue background and shade of green on the eyes, as I commented before the angle of the neck is sensually arousing!!!

  8. I love the red head, it looks so much more three dimensional. I love the tones and the little glint of green behind her head in the background reflects nicely in her eyeshadow. Great job Rita.

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